Who is The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show?

The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show is a high-energy traveling dueling piano team based out of Cleveland, Ohio.  The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show is exclusively comprised of two career dueling piano players: Theodore Edward Dylewski (a.k.a. "T") and Richard W. Gallo.  

"T" and Rich each got their start (and countless years of relevant dueling piano performance experience) performing dueling pianos at the former "Howl at the Moon Saloon" on the West bank of the Flats in  downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  Rich crafted and performed his infectious brand of dueling pianos at Howl at the Moon Cleveland for an incredible TWELVE years (from 1999 right through it's closing weekend in 2011.)  "T" performed and perfected his unique breed of dueling pianos at Howl at the Moon Cleveland for an unbelievable and nationally record-breaking span of EIGHTEEN YEARS (from 1993 through it's closing weekend in 2011.)  "T" holds the national record for the longest continuous and uninterrupted employment -
at a single dueling piano bar - of any dueling piano player anywhere in America!!!

"T" and Rich have been performing together at private parties, weddings, and corporate
events as THE "T" AND RICH DUELING PIANO SHOW since 1999.

How are we different from our competition?

Perhaps the biggest difference between the "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show and other competing dueling piano acts, teams, companies, troops, or agencies is that we (Theodore Edward Dylewski, a.k.a. "T", and Rich Gallo) are an exclusive dueling piano *TEAM* - and we have been since 1999.  Notice how BOTH of our names are actually contained in the name of our act (unlike MOST other dueling piano companies.)  We are a true rarity in the dueling pianos business.  Quite simply, when you book "T" and Rich, you get "T" and Rich!  We NEVER sub-contract work (that we were hired to do) to other players.  We are NOT a "booking agency" (like MOST dueling piano companies actually are.)  We ourselves are simply two career dueling pianists - and, furthermore, we are an EXCLUSIVE DUELING PIANO TEAM!  This may sounds crazy, but, believe it or not, you could hire another dueling piano company and NOT know who the piano players are that will actually be performing at your event!  Other dueling piano "agencies" could even show you videos (and other promotional material) depicting players who they will NOT even be sending to perform your event.  Every  individual player is different - and you deserve to know exactly who you are hiring!  When you hire The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show - you get "T" and Rich.  Every time.  Period.