Here are some actual LIVE video clips of the "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show that were shot completely
live and unrehearsed (by us, usually using just a simple iPhone camera) at some of our recent shows.  
Admittedly (and quite intentionally), these videos are NOT the flashy, slickly-produced, "eye-candy" video
samples that some of our competitors may show you.  Our videos, by stark contrast to much of our
competition, are completely
UNEDITED, RAW and REAL.  (After all, we want to give you a "feel" for our LIVE
dueling piano show - - - and NOT show-off our ability to create a flashy, highly-edited-and-produced,  
"over-dubbed" MTV-style music video!)

While very basic, our videos do clearly depict the inherent quality of our live show - in completely live
settings and in front of actual live audiences. These videos also show the tremendous level of audience
participation and engagement that we achieve through our show.  

One quick note about how the "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show is different from most of our competition
(and this may sound silly, but please read on!): OUR DEMO VIDEOS ARE SPECIFICALLY OF US!  BEWARE
when another dueling piano company shows you their demo videos - - - many of our competitors have a
large "stable" of possible players who they may farm out for your event, and they may show you videos of
dueling piano players who may NOT even be the actual piano players who will be performing at your event.  
You deserve to know
exactly who you are hiring - and you owe it to yourself to make sure that you are
watching videos of the actual, exact piano players -
working together - who will be performing at your event.  
The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show is an exclusive,
player-specific dueling piano TEAM (NOT A BOOKING
AGENCY using interchangeable players)
- so, of course, the following videos are of "T" Dylewski and Rich
Gallo - the exact two guys who will perform at your event.  
When you hire "T" and Rich, you GET "T" and
  Every time.  Period.