Although we are based out of Cleveland, Ohio and most of our performances take place in Ohio and nearby
and/or bordering states (i.e. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, and Michigan) - the
quick answer is that we can and will travel just about anywhere (although, admittedly, some places may
neither be practical or cost-effective!!!)  When possible, we prefer to drive ourselves to your venue so that
we can transport, provide, and use all of our own sound and lighting equipment (and also so that we can
bring our two custom-built baby grand piano shells to your event!) - as such, we are able to strictly ensure
the quality, reliability, and general "usability" of all of this equipment that we provide.  Additionally, we even
bring a duplicate "back-up" of every key piece of gear in our entire rig that we would be able to use as a
quick emergency backup in the unlikely event of equipment failure (including speakers, monitors, mixers,
iPods, microphones, and every single cable!!!)  When we have our own "stuff" right with us, it would take a
"pretty darn near impossible" run of bad luck to ever shut us down and silence us for the night!!!!  It has
never happened, and we have taken drastic measures to be prepared and equipped so that it never will.

As a general rule of thumb, we routinely drive within a 300 miles radius of Cleveland.  (Such drives typically
do not interfere with our other scheduled performances that we may have the night before or the day after
your event.)  If your event is in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Michigan,
or Indiana (as well as the nearer corners of some of the other nearby states) - chances are you are in luck -
we probably have you covered, and, most likely we will be able to drive to your event!!!  Additionally, when
our performance schedule allows for it, we may be willing to drive significantly farther - perhaps even up to
~500 miles or more (please call us or e-mail us with the details of your specific event.)

For events that are even farther than that, we are willing to make arrangements to fly to your state/venue.  
In such instances, we require that all of the equipment that we need to do our show is provided for us and
is completely set up at the venue by a professional sound company by the time we arrive.  If you choose to
go this route, we are able to provide you with a detailed technical rider to give to the sound company.  This
rider includes all of the technical specifications and requirements of our show, a comprehensive list of all
of the equipment that we would need to have provided for us, and detailed diagrams of our stage set up.