PLEASE NOTE: We provide the following information to give you a general idea of our requirements
for most shows.  Please contact us for our accurate and verified requirements for your specific
event at your specific venue.  Information that we provide directly to you at any point during the
booking process shall supersede all information contained on this website.

(1) "T" and Rich require TWO full hours to set-up, and will arrive at least two hours before your event begins (THREE hours for wedding
receptions.).  "T" and Rich require TWO full hours to tear-down and load-out at the conclusion of their performance.   

(2) "T" and Rich require TWO separate and dedicated 20-amp circuits for power

(3) "T" and Rich require a stage and/or set-up area that is a *minimum* of 20' wide by 8' deep with a minimum of 8' clearance above the
entire set-up area (24' wide by 12' deep is ideal if it is available.) "T" and Rich do NOT provide an elevated stage and/or risers. "T" and
Rich will set up on the floor level if a stage and/or risers are not provided. If a stage and/or risers are provided, it is absolutely CRITICAL
that they meet the MINIMUM 20' wide by 8' deep dimensions with 8' of clearance above the entire stage.  If a stage is provided, it is
recommended that it be between 12 and 18 inches in height.

(4) "T" and Rich require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure any date.  Please note that dates will not be secured/reserved/held
until we receive the deposit and signed contract.  The balance is due on the date of the event, in person, before "T" and Rich leave the
premises of your event.

(5) "T" and Rich will be traveling in a single Chevrolet box truck.  The truck is just shy of 10' tall, 8'6" wide, and 25' in total length (for
comparison purposes, it is similar to (though taller than) a typical U-Haul 20-ft moving truck.)  This truck can NOT be parked in any
parking garage due to its height, and it requires (at least) TWO end-to-end parking spots on the end of a row (for maneuverability) in an
open-air parking lot.  "T" and Rich require that adequate, reasonable, secure, and legal parking accommodations (for the entire duration
of this event plus two hours before and two hours after) are made, in advance, and, at the expense of the the hiring party/named buyer,
at the time of booking.  "T" and Rich also require that reasonable temporary parking (as close to the service entrance door(s) as
possible) is provided during their load-in and load-out.  These requirements areabsolutely critical for venues that don't have their own
open-air parking lot parking lot and/or venues that are located in downtown locations that require "T" and Rich to acquire parking
passes or obtain security clearance to use the service entrance or loading docks.