(1) The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show requires TWO full hours to load-in, set-up, and sound check
(THREE hours for wedding receptions.)  For most private and/or ticketed events, "T" and Rich will arrive
TWO hours
before your earliest guests are scheduled to arrive (THREE hours before wedding receptions.)  At
the conclusion of your event, "T" and Rich require 90 - 120 minutes to tear-down and load-out their
equipment (depending on the size of your event / venue, the total number guests, and the amount of sound
reinforcement and lighting equipment used by "T" and Rich for your event.)

(2) The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show requires TWO separate and dedicated 20-amp circuits for power
(i.e. TWO standard wall outlets - each on separate breakers - that are NOT powering any other equipment or

(3) The "T" and Rich dueling pianos show requires a stage and / or set-up area that is a *minimum* of 12'
wide by 8' deep. (20' wide by 12' deep is ideal if it is available.) "T" and Rich do NOT provide an elevated
stage and/or risers. "T" and Rich will set up on the floor level if a stage and/or risers are not provided. If a
stage and/or risers are provided, it is absolutely CRITICAL that they meet the MINIMUM 12' wide by 8' deep
dimensions.  If a stage and/or risers are provided, we would suggest that the height be from 12" to 18".

(4) "T" and Rich require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure any date. The balance is due on the date of
the event, in person, before "T" and Rich leave the premises of your event. (Please make all checks
payable to: The "T" and Rich Dueling Piano Show.)

(5) "T" and Rich will be traveling in a full-sized Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck that will be hauling a 6' x 12'
equipment trailer. Adequate and reasonable parking accommodations must be made in advance, at the
expense of the client, for this vehicle and trailer during "T" and Rich's load-in and load-out (as close to the
service entrance doors as possible) and also for parking of this vehicle and trailer for the duration of this
event. This requirement is particularly critical for venues that don't have their own parking lot and/or
venues that are located in downtown locations that may require T and Rich to acquire parking passes or
obtain security clearance to use the service entrance and/or loading docks.

(6) If "T" and Rich are to play outside, they will require a smooth, level area to set-up on, as well as a tent
roof above their equipment in case of rain. Client must be advised that, in the event of rain, the equipment
can *NOT* be moved to another set-up area in a timely fashion.